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Establishing an UK company

Establish your uk company now with a virtual address and a bank account backed by legal banks in uk

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UK Company

UK Company.

Get legal papers, a uK address, international payment gateways, and accounts in 3 major banks globally by establishing an UK company

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tide bank

Why a company in UK.

9 Reasons Why You Should Start an UK Company

Tax advantages

You do not have to pay the value-added tax (VAT) until after your sales reach 83 thousand pounds sterling within 12 months and on the condition that your product or services are sold in Britain. As for the profit tax, it is 19%

Distinguished position

When you establish a company in Britain, it is an international company, and you have a privileged position when creating commercial contracts

Better business financing

You can get investments for your company from British institutions faster and easier.

Opening bank accounts

You can open bank accounts on British soil and obtain official papers when establishing a company in Britain

Protecting your company name

You can protect your brand name and your company name easily when establishing a company in Britain

Get domain

Obtaining a domain approved by the British government

Payment gateway providers

Access to the best payment service providers (such as Stripe and PayPal) is one of the reasons why many foreigners start setting up UK businesses.

Not needing a legal accountant

Not needing a legal advisor or accountant in Britain in your first years of work, and therefore there is no monthly fee

Expand your target market

By establishing a company in Britain, you can open commercial accounts on global platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and other global sites through which you can increase sales and publicize your brand.

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Conditions for establishing an uk company and the required papers


In order to establish an uk company, you must be residing outside the prohibited countries such as (Libya - Syria - Yemen - Iraq - Sudan).

Having your own identity, such as legal residency, a passport or a driver’s license, to establish the company.

Proof of an address in the country of residence, such as (internet bill - electricity bill - bank Statement)

Link for your Website or social media page business (like facebook )

Your brand name and fields ( you can write 4 fields ) Your business must be legal.

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Uk company incorporation packages


Simple plan



Popular plan


Premium plan


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Comparison between the establishment of the company in UK and US


UK Company



USA Company

us wave 01

Based on the foregoing and based on our experience, if it is a large business and the annual return is large, it is preferable to open an American company because the cost of renewal is fixed and there are no taxes on profits, besides that the American company is flexible and can open several different bank accounts in order to bear your annual return

Annual renewal cost

When establishing a company in Britain because it does not require you to value added tax, your sales still do not exceed 85,000 pounds sterling during the financial year. Sell ​​their services or products in Britain.

When you renew one of our services, such as phone number, registered address, etc., there is an annual renewal cost

  • When renewing the (registered office) service, through which we provide an official headquarters address in Britain (we receive your official documents, scan them and send them to you via your e-mail), the annual renewal is $200
  • When renewing the service (Personal Address Service), through which we provide an address in Britain as a personal address to receive special documents from the British government – the annual renewal is $200
  • When renewing a service (business address service), which is included in the package (2# and 3#), and through this service, we receive any non-governmental documents such as bank papers, commercial contract papers or a visa card from the bank and then ship them to your country again – Renewal Annual is 300 dollars

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Working with us is fun and easy. You can contact us by calling us to discuss the status of your company and your needs. We have a specialized team. After the agreement, a link will be sent to pay half the amount (we are one of the rare companies in the market that receive half the amount when working and the other half upon completion)

You can close your company in the easiest way, which is by not paying the annual renewal cost and not sending an annual financial report, but this will stop your banking services and payment gateways in the future.


This is somewhat a general question, but to summarize the situation, we will divide the banks into two types
The first type is online banks or the so-called E-Bank, which are electronic banks and licensed by official authorities such as Wise Bank, which is licensed by the FCA and uses official banks in Britain, America and Europe to keep money in it.
The second type is electronic banks that are licensed as an electronic bank, but in their work they depend on an official bank approved by authorities such as the American FDIC, which is an official body for accrediting banks, and in this case Mercury Bank is an electronic bank that relies in its work on an official approved bank and is not like WISE licensed as an electronic bank and is accredited in its work On several banks, in this case, WISE is a money management platform.

Each platform has its own policy, and if you want to keep your accounts active, you must follow the laws of the platforms, and from our experience in the field with dozens of customers, the Stripe payment gateway is an ancient gateway, its support is good, and closing is not easy in it. They also write to you the reason for the closure, but if we look at a platform such as Wise, it will be closed by them with reason or without reason and your account will be subject to closing at any time, so you never keep money in it and you must have a strong alternative such as Payoneer or another bank such as Brex and others.

Yes, you can do that, whether from banks such as payoneer, Wise, Mercury or Brex, and each platform has its own conditions for issuing your visa card, so you can talk to them to issue the visa card and then send it to our address in America and we will resend it to you in your country while keeping the shipping cost on you.

Yes, you can work on Amazon and open a merchant account on it after establishing the American company, and you can use the American address, documents and the bank account to work with Amazon with ease.

We do not provide you with US lines, but you can buy a real US number through the Dingtone application, which is a unique and cheap program compared to others.

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