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Register a trademark in the European Union

The registration of your trademark is necessary, especially in the European Union or in any other country to which you export your products, work in it or have a commercial branch in it Your brand represents the means of communication between you and your target audience, and the European Union is one of the most powerful unions in the world.

تسجيل علامة تجارية فى الاتحاد الأوروبى
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What is the brand ?

Branding is the process of giving meaning to a particular organization, company, products or services by creating and designing a complete brand and visual identity and shaping it in the minds of consumers. It is a strategy designed and thought by organizations and companies to help people quickly identify and experience their brand, and give them a reason to choose your products over competing products, the goal is to attract and retain loyal customers and other business owners by offering a product that always matches what the brand promises.

Why you should register your trademark in Europe ?

تسجيل علامة تجارية فى الاتحاد الأوروبى

The European Union is one of the most powerful unions in the world. The union includes many countries and their economies are among the strongest in the world. Also, your trademark is considered global after its registration in Europe. Also, the registration of the trademark in Europe is a professional step towards the arrival of your trademark to the world. Besides, the European Union consists of 27 At least one country, and the cost of registering in all of them is the same as the cost of registering a trademark in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, for example. Therefore, your registration in the European Union is a more powerful and effective solution than registering your trademark in two or three countries on the financial, practical and professional level.

Why should you register your trademark with us ?

why us

Because we are a partner with certified European consultants with at least 25 years of experience.

We have registered over 1000 brands in Europe, Britain and America.

We will research your brand and give free consultations before starting the business.

Our prices are clear and we follow up the trademark registration in Europe to the last step.

Experience in responding to trademark objections in the European Union.

99% success rate for orders approved through us.


What is the procedure for registering a trademark in Europe

With regard to the procedures for registering a trademark in the European Union, it is important to consider the following points

The first stage

  • Preparing the name of the trademark to be registered
  • Processing activities and areas of business or the so-called category
  • Determine the registration in your personal name or in the name of your company
  • Contact us

The second stage

  • Our team will search for your brand professionally
  • Determining the competition and determining the possibility of objection to the trademark or not
  • Then let me know the details

The third stage

  • Choose the appropriate package for you to give the final decision on your part
  • Pay the trademark fee
  • Preparing the file and sending it to EUIPO

Within 3-5 working days, a copy of the registration number will be sent, and you can then practice your activity professionally

Contact us to start the procedures

What is the cost and time required to register a trademark?

تسجيل علامة تجارية فى الاتحاد الأوروبى

The time required to register your trademark in Europe is divided into two parts


The initial registration process takes 3-5 working days, then the certificate is issued with the registration number, and from then on, you can complete your work and publish your brand with confidence, and you can also manufacture and export its products.


After the initial registration, the trademark is published in the EUIPO system for a period of 4-6 months. If there is no objection, God forbid or something, the final registration certificate will be issued and you can receive it after paying the fees.

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The prices

Trademark registration packages

Simple plan

€1650 / €1799


Popular plan

€1850 / €2000

Premium plan

€2200 / €2599

Government expenses for any category increase after the second 180 euros

What is the EUIPO system and the difference between it and the WIPO system for trademark registration

تسجيل علامة تجارية فى تركيا
تسجيل علامة تجارية فى الاتحاد الأوروبى

The EUIPO system is a system of the European Union for the registration and protection of trademarks, intellectual property, publishing and patents, and it includes the whole of the European Union only and is considered cheaper and faster in registering trademarks than WIPO

The WIPO system belongs to the United Nations and is headquartered in Madrid. It includes the European Union and other countries totaling 120 countries around the world, and between them there are agreements in the protection and registration of intellectual property and trademarks and the settlement of disputes. Its cost is more expensive in registration than EUIPO

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The EU trademark system consists of a single registration procedure that gives its owner an exclusive right in the 27 member states of the European Union. An EU trademark is registered by submitting a single application directly to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) which is valid in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania , Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

EU trademark applications can be submitted in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish. The applicant must indicate a second language, which is one of the official languages of the member states of the European Union. This language is used in objection, cancellation or invalidation proceedings with an IPO in the European Union.

Four and five months, with no objection assumed.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office does not check the relative grounds for ex officio refusal. However, it is conducting a search in the EU and will notify the owners of similar previous EU trademarks that have opted to request that their trademark be published in the EU. An EU trademark applicant who has signed up for these search reports will receive a list of relevant past and conflicting marks. Furthermore, national research reports are available from a limited number of participating offices upon request of the applicant at the time of application, for a fee.

An EU trademark application may be opposed by any interested party within three months of the publication of an EU trademark application.

Any decision that partially or completely rejects (or cancels or invalidates) an application or registration of a trademark in the European Union is subject to appeal. Notice of appeal must be given in writing and appeal fees must be paid within two months from the date of notification of the contested decision. Other appeals are available to the General Court of the European Union and then to the European Court of Justice.

Once an EU trademark is registered, proof of its use is not required. However, trademark rights may be subject to revocation and declaration of expiration of trademark registration in the European Union, if it can be demonstrated that a trademark has not been used for five consecutive years in relation to the goods and/or services for which protection has been obtained.

Yeah. Cancellation proceedings can be initiated on the basis of non-use by any third party (no need to show any legal interest) if five years have passed since the registration of an EU trademark.

Trademark registration in the European Union is valid for ten years. It can be renewed for ten consecutive years indefinitely.

At the EU level, there is no protection available for unregistered trademarks.

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